Видео отсутствует

Venue: net area
Duration: at least
60 minutes
Number of actors :
4 people
Heroes and costumes:
Alice, the Hatter, the March Cat, Tiger Bully Dragon Kusaka, wise serpent Sesha.


Description: Everyone knows that cats are tricky. Especially the March ones ... So we caught one March cat. He decided to spoil all holiday and stole Hatter's needle, without which he can not sew clothes for magical fairies and princesses. Who will be able to help find the cat? Because in Wonderland, you can hide anywhere. It seems like Hatter is hopeless and can't make it without the help of Alice ...


Alice - the same ordinary girl like all the girls on this planet. It's a shame that adults think of children to be just visionaries and fibbers. If they had even once visited Wonderland and at least took a glance on the people of this fabulous fairyland - perhaps then they would have believed in the fact that children and not inventors and dreamers and, moreover, not liars . Alice, along with her little friends, goes to a new journey through the Mirrorland to find the March Cat and return Hatter's magic needle.


Since Alice visited the Wonderland last time, many things has changed in this wonderful and mysterious country. Its inhabitants changed a bit as well ... So Alice  and our heroes are on the road, looking for the cat. They have many adventures, interesting meetings and new friends. More precisely, new friends, new inhabitants of the Mirrorland. Yes, you heard it right - with a completely new inhabitants. They will pay a visit to Tiger Bullies, meet with the Dragon Kusaka, will visit most of the Bear Potapich and hear the wise serpent Sesa. Are you ready for this unusual journey? Just please do not tell about your amazing adventures to the adults. Anyway they say that you made it up!