Masha and the Bear
program for children

Place: clear area
Duration: at least 60 minutes
Number of actors: 2 people
Heroes and costumes: Masha and the Bear.


Description: The popular cartoon characters literally stepped out of the TV screen to enter our stage. What a pleasure and a joy to the kids to watch the favorite of the millions of young viewers in "live mode". And not only to "watch" but to take part in their cheerful and funny adventures!


Once upon a time our mischievous Masha was walking through the woods and, seeing a sleeping Bear, decided as always to wake him up. Can you imagine what it means to "wake up a sleeping bear?". Oh yes! And just as you already figured out, Masha strongly regretted it. Even though the bear was nice by nature, but still, because he did not sleep properly, he decided he won't let Masha go. Not until she will cheer him up! Here is the problem - how to cheer up a sleepy Bear! What does she do ? Without the help of children she won't be able to ...


So what do we do with our boys and girls? If we will allow them - such a mischief can begin! For them this is a very good opportunity to "break away" and finally fool around as parents would have never allowed them ... and it is only because of Bear ... You understand how badly Masha needs help. And here it all started ... and tug of war with Potapychev and football match, and hide and seek, and blind man's buff, and dance till you drop (with the "snake" and " brook "), and the unraveling of the tangle of the hands of our little helpers and much much more.
Oh how much fun it was for Masha and the kids. Our Potapich is happy! Sleepiness has gone! After plenty of playing they are so tired and so as the Bear promised, he, a bit sad and sorrow, let Masha go home. He did promise, didn't he?


What can delight adults' ears more than children's laughter! What can please the eye more than a smile and a joyful surprise of their baby! And let their forehead sweating from the game, and let their hair to be disheveled ... Let the kids get a bit tired of such saturated competition ... As  it is just a pleasant addition to the childish emotions - surprise , joy, and even resentment - that they are able to show so easily and directly so that sometimes we adults, frankly, but kindly, envy them.