Paying a visit to Father Frost
program for children

Place: clear area

Duration: at least 60 minutes
Number of actors:
4 people
Heroes and Costumes:
Father Frost and Snow maiden, White Cat, Monkey King Hanuman, Fire Dragon, Masha and the Bear.


Description: Do you think, with the exception of the birthday, there is a holiday that every child loves more than the New Year? Absolutely no! This is understandable: first - it is the most magical holiday, because whatever you wish for the New Year will definitely be fulfilled; second - pine tree, third - a lot of sweets , fourth - Grandfather Frost... Wait ... most likely "first " would be Grandfather Frost. What kind of magic, wish-fulfillment , tree and everything else without Him? And what kind of Santa Claus without his magic stick?


But the thing is... We were informed that the coming New 2014 is on the brink of breakdown! New year can not come. And all because of a cunning cat Fluffy, known for his pranks and tricks, kidnaped the magic stick of Grandfather Frost. Maybe he didn't do it for a bad thing, he just wanted to play. But how to do a celebration without magic?

The magic stick needs to be returned. But where do we find Fluffy? In what part of the world, in which country. Luckily, Grandfather Frost has got magic globe.  But without the help of all the boys and girls and their intense desire for New Year to come, the search for the magic stick may end in vain.


And uttering magical spells, Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden with all the children will travel to different countries to find and bring back the Sneaky Cat and the stick. There is a mysterious journey ahead of them, full of dangers and adventures. They visit the Fairytale Russia, Mystic India and Mysterious China. They will pay a visit to Masha and the Bear, funny and wise Hanuman, the Monkey King , and eventually end up in a cave near the Fiery Dragon. The Wise Dragon will tell to the brave boys and girls, that are ready to go at any risk , where the cunning cat is hiding. But before the mystery is opened, the children have to solve three riddles. Will our young heroes return magic stick to Grandfather Frost? Will there be a New Year's Eve? Will the desires of millions of boys and girls be fulfilled? If you believe in magic, you know the answer!