Army of Hanuman
program for children

Place: clear area
Duration: minimum 60 min
Number of actors: 4 people
Heroes and costumes: Monkey King Hanuman, Prince Ramachandra, Princess Sita and demon Ravana.


Description: Sometimes , even though it rarely happens, time and space can intersect. Adults call it "anomaly", or, in the best case, "time travel", or sometimes even "magic". But children know very well that the intersection of the realities of time and space is nothing but ordinary miracle and magic.


And once upon a time this miracle took place, even though on one hand it happens quite often, but on the other hand is quite unusual. From far far away, from the era when even the animals were able to speak, from distant ancient India, Monkey King Hanuman  flew throughout the time tunnel and arrived at our place. He urgently needed help from the future to release princess Sita, wife of his Master, Prince Ramachandra, from bondage. Hanuman told us about how the evil demon Ravana, the ruler of the kingdom of Lanka, kidnapped Sita and keept her imprisoned in one of the castles of his kingdom. Hanuman urgently needed noble knights that can go with him into battle with the villain Ravana and free the princess from imprisonment. Of course our children (not only boys but also girls) are always ready to stand up for truth, goodness and justice. But the military campaign, especially in a different space-time continuum, can be difficult, so the Monkey King will check the guys on resistance and courage, strength and agility. And when the soldiers are ready, Hanuman, with the help of his magical powers, will get everyone through that distant time to the island of Lanka in the Indian Ocean to join the battle against the army of Ravana.