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wedding-india-1I.  THEATRICAL WEDDING

With the use of drama techniques and means of expression in theatrical stage productions. The main roles are distributed between the bride and groom, their images are based on the selected story, plus there are supporting roles played by professional actors who create their unique game play space, involving all the participants into the celebration and specifying the main theme and mood.


 Young couples get involved in all theatrical sketches, working closely with the actors and mark the end with a gentle kiss. All scenarios are based on the ancient Indian epics as well as other cultures and traditions of the world.








Madhura theater offers a ready plot which was formed  on the basis of the most famous and perhaps the most ancient Indian epic Ramayana - story abduction of a young bride and her release from captivity of treacherous villain by her hero lover.

The bride transforms into a princess Sita, personification of loyalty, love and purity, who is so perfect that Ravana - Lord of evil, decides to kidnap her and lock in his monastery. The groom, a brave hero Prince Rama, is ready to do anything for the sake of His beloved and find her no matter what, so he goes out in search for his bride.

So after going through many trials he defeats the evil demon and frees his beloved from captivity.

The plot takes place in an interactive format with the involvement of members of the wedding celebration.



wedding-india-traditional-1II.  TRADITIONAL WEDDING
Consists of a traditional marriage ceremony, at the end of which is organized entertaining program, based on the repertoire of the theater or with additional creative groups on request.


Madhura theater offers to hold the wedding in the culture of ancient India, the most unusual and enriched with their ancient ancestral customs. All participants will dip into the colorful world of the ancient Indian world in the power of the demigods - patrons of the elements and nature, crafts and skills, feelings and talents as well as the Creator Himself. Spiritual wealth of the people of this country would enliven your holiday saturation and consolidate your family ties not only in this life, but in the next seven births.


Do you want your wedding ceremony to be held in an unusual and memorable way, so that your guests would not only be satisfied, but would share their wonderful impressions for a long long time?



wedding-india-traditional-3INDIAN WEDDING CEREMONY

Details of the scenario are discussed with clients in advance and can be changed at request.

The day before the ceremony (or earlier), we offer the bride and groom and their guests to make a trip to the Indian store where you can choose the traditional wedding gowns, accessories and jewelry. That evening, after an early dinner, the bride will put the traditional wedding henna designs - 'mehendi' on the hands and feet . This procedure takes about 1-2 hours.


On the wedding day, after breakfast, our staff will help the bride, groom and their guests to dress in their wedding outfits. The bride will be having special makeup.


The wedding ceremony itself is usually held in the evening. On separate cars the bride and groom with guests arrive at the wedding venue.


wedding-india-traditional-5At this point, a small temple is already set, specially built for the ceremony. It is covered with a tent, decorated with four palm trees in the corners and with a lot of fragrant flowers, mostly yellow.


Traditionally on Indian wedding, after the bride and groom get their parent's blessing for the marriage,the small but important ritual is conducted that is called 'holud gaye' - ritual of praises for yellow color, which the Indians associate with the color of the sun and is a symbol of fidelity. Ceremony 'Gaye holud' is very similar to the festival of colors 'Holi', the only difference is that here is only one paint - yellow. First, all participants paint their foreheads, and then sprinkle each other with yellow powder.


Then the groom stands on a flat stone, waiting for a few people that carry a wooden palanquin of the bride - who is dressed in a rich, usually bright red sari, with a variety of ornaments. The carriers circle the groom seven times and then stop.  Now finally the couple is requested to look in each other's eyes. This look is called 'Shubha Drishti' - the very first glance.


wedding-india-traditional-8The entire wedding procession moves to a small temple 'Vedi', constructed of five bamboo sticks covered with colorful fabrics. At its center is a fire, where the bride and groom will offer sacrifice to the gods for good luck. They will throw all those elements that will accompany them in life together, and which should be in abundance in the marital home: corn, salt, sugar, butter, honey, milk, spices ...

Priest, saying a prayer and listened to couple's vows, joins their hands with garland of flowers and pours milk on them.


Then the groom puts the red paint on the forehead of his bride: now they are husband and wife. Only after that the bride and groom exchange rings, and all those present showering them with flower petals for the blessings.


Then one end of the bride's sari is tied up with the groom's sash, which means their union and affection for each other. After that, the circumambulates the sacred fire seven times. This ritual will tie them forever.

wedding-india-traditional-9Then everyone go to contunie celebration to a place called 'bozargan', where the whole performance is arranged with singing and dancing. During the concert and entertainment programs, relatives and guests present their gifts to the new couple.




All elements on the wedding are styled under the ancient Indian culture. All rituals and wedding ceremony will be conducted by invited specialists, knowledgeable about all the details and rules of the Indian wedding ceremony.






wedding-india-traditional-2Wedding venue. The external design is selected in accordance with particular style - which must be recognized as the most rich, saturated in color palette and juiciness (brightness) colors in the world. Interior may include decorative sculptures of demigods, symbolizing happiness, success, wealth and well-being of the family. Decorating fabric will set the color, determine the basic shades that will be used in the future, will create the basic background on which line up all further details. Flower arrangments bring delicate sophistication in composition, create a sense of celebration, emphasize color and harmoniously complement it. Palanquin is made for a wedding cortege, and hung with garlands of various flowers, necklaces and colorful patterns. Palanquin for the bride and groom is delivered to the site
the ceremony ready to carry the couple.




wedding-india-traditional-14MUSICAL ARRANGMENT

Musical arrangement creates celebrating atmosphere. It emphasizes every shift of mood, complements any sense. Traditional Indian wedding celebration atmosphere created by professional music groups, representing the harmonious accord of different instruments - flute, sitar, harmonium, mrdangas, cymbals, etc. They perfectly combine the mood of the event and the overall flavor of the wedding, inspiring and enlightnening it.






wedding-india-traditional-15Indian brides pay particular attention to their wedding dress. Basically - it's a red sari, but sometimes wedding sarees can be green. The main difference between normal and fancy sari is the design. The bride's attire should be gorgeously decorated with golden threads. Besides that, saris are decorated with embroidery of beads, sequins, fringe and embroidery gold ornaments. This kind of wedding sarees can be truly put on a line with the works of art. Wedding jeweleries of the bride also take a special place. Bracelets on the arms and legs, massive earrings, rings on all fingers, pendants and many other jewelry. Besides, the bride's hands are decorated with henna paintings. Indian girls marry barefoot. But during the celebration they wear 'chappal' - comfortable shoes, having minimun anchorages. Clothing of the Groom consists of dhoti - white robe embroidered with gold. He belted with fiery sash and decorated with turban on his head. Guests should wear something fancy and bright - ask them to avoid black and white colors in clothes, let them adorn themselves with bright colors.





wedding-india-traditional-16MENU OF THE BANQUET

Madhura theater proposes to include  traditional Indian sweets in your banquet. They are made by ancient oriental recipes that will enrich your celebration table and replace the standard dessert menu. And also you can order other dishes of the traditional Indian cuisine.






Saturday - the most common day for celebration. But according to astrologers, the least successful. After all this day is protected by Saturn - the planet of self-denial and self-restraint. Spouses who marry under the "blessing" of this planet should be ready for full dedication. If the couple is not ready for such mutual concessions, stars do not guarantee a happy marriage. Postpone your wedding to the next day.

wedding-india-traditional-17But not on Tuesday and Thursday! Their patrons are Mars and Jupiter can bring a lot of young family quarrels and misunderstandings, and even cheating scandals.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. In principle, this is auspicious day for a wedding. But only for those people, who are guided in their actions by reasonable arguments, and their relationship in a pair is subordinate to calculation. If you are emotional and intense feelings are burning, then eventually Mercury will cool such passion down and bring disappointment to marriage.

Monday - day of the moon. The most mysterious planet lays subtle emotional bond between the spouses. But, unfortunately, it is as unsteady as moonwalk is not stable on the water surface.

Friday and Sunday - perfect days of marriage. All astrologers agree on this. Friday has patronage of Venus - the planet of harmony and peace, and of course all lovers. Sunday is the subordination of the Sun. That means any deed done on this day will bring joy.





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