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european-wedding108-001Professional MC (tamada) Elena Pava (Pavlyuchka) and show-theater "Madhura" present:


WEDDING SENSATION! Wedding - performance, tale and mythical story with fantesy characters and entertaining script of the ceremony! Your guests will be amazed! 


You call to elena +7 (915) 055-43-69,

or Igor +7 (909) 906-38-51

and we set up time and date of our meeting.



You tell us all about Your dreams.

We view the video and photo material, choose heroes, taking into account all wishes, thus building blocks on the outline plan of the wedding.

Sign an agreement.  



On the eve we refine and adjust all the details if necessary.


On the wedding day, the MC and musicians arrive no later than 1.5 hours before. Artists drive up according to the schedule.





wedding-india-1Since ancient times, all the nations of the earth - the queen of all celebrations is the wedding!

And that's why on the wedding day, the young couple is compared with the King and Queen on their throne! And for all the royal personalities - everything should be at the highest level! It's not only a magnificent table for a feast, but exquisite entertainment has to be served, those from overseas with a twist, with a twinkle! That evening the whole tray of gifts from around the world! And for the couple as well as all guests there's miracles! 

Just as a miracle girls dancing with beautiful lotuses, straight from India!


 And after that birds of East, that live behind the Ararat mountain, flew in to enchant everyone with her blue wings. . 








Well, and then it all went like butter! Potapych himself out of the woods with a father-in-law came to congratulate! Together, they quickly found a common language for Russian dance tune! Bear even dragged a cart with him, to fold presents from all the  guests..











Vaguely heard the king, that in Japan there are girls with exemplary behavior - therefore he asked them to visit the celebration! Looked at their exquisite manners and how they are expert in skillfully dance with fans, true miracle, but my sweetheart is still dearer to my heart!


And then and at all they became astonished, Baiyun cat himself, from ancient tales, blue eyes and three meter fluffiness charmed everyone! Cuddled with guests, allowed the kids to pat himself, took a picture with everyone, turned everything upside down and fled no one knows where! Cats are also used to walk by themselves!






Suddenly the guests inquired, "And after whose honor the year is called?" That's right, in honor of the father and mother-in-law! In other words, in honor of the blue horse. And she is a beauty herself that bestowed to us! The young Arab prince sent a gift like that!



Guests cheered  up and lost focus, just when out of nowhere, came fire-breathing dragon and kidnapped a marriage certificate! Now friends of the King (the groom) will have to bribe it back, fight with swords against Gorynych demonstrate their youthfulness in a dance show. Only then valuable document will be returned!


And a dragon is not evil at all, he just checked out his friends' strenghts for fun! 

They turned out to be best of friends!



european-wedding008As the time is running in the evening, the Queen steped up on her feet, supposedly she just wants sweets! And her desire is the law!

Monkey King himself, white, majestic, presented,  will bring the cake! It's from our royal table to your king's table! From our tropics with  fruits and nuts!


And also And on the bouquet divination, took the garter from the royal legs, undertaken more games and contests, and everything was there!





And when the stars have ascended to heaven, the God of love, painted fireworks in the bright blue velvet night , and the name of the newlyweds he wrote with fire in the sky that will last forever!





That's how famous wedding was! 

And there was a feast for the whole world!

The main thing is that You have something to tell and show to the grandchildren, juicy, bright, vivid photos with wonderful characters: "Like I was there, and embracing Potapychev, drank honey that would flow through mustache, and I wasn't just drunk, but was proud and happy!"





Make your order now and your celebration will be truly fortunate!

call Elena +7 (915) 055-43-69

or Igor +7 (909) 906-38-51