- LED life-sized puppet

Venue: clear area
Duration: 4 to 15 minutes
Number of animators: 1 person
LED costumes: life-sized puppet Bear.

Our hero is a nice, good-natured character, but if he didn't sleep enough, you won't be able to walk away till you cheer him up. That's the problem - how to cheer up a big sleepy Bear?! What to do? Here it all begins ...  Tug of war with Potapych, then football match, hide and seek , blind man's buff, and dance till you drop (dancing as "snake" and " brook ") and again much-much more . Oh, and you would have so much fun with Potapych! At the end, after being exhausted from so much fun and playing, the Bear (a bit sad and sorrow) will let you go home as promised. But still, He will not go away until he gives each and everyone a warm hug and recieves a barrel of honey.