“Гламурная Коза-Дереза”
- световая ростовая кукла

The nature of the Goat is complicated, as a lady she whimsical and peaceful, aggressive and sentimental, pragmatic and unpredictable. This does not mean that the goat one can not be dealt with. Even it should! First of all, the goat - the great aestetic person, she has excellent taste and the depth of artistry. So favorite to her anyone who creates something wonderful.

Our Goat is famous for warm character and the ability to frolic. In ancient Rus' on the eve of any holiday, people are going to have fun. So our goat, invites you to make a holiday memorable and fun to spend it, cheerfully and playfully, in a circle of close friends, relatives and colleagues!
And remember! Meeting celebration with a glamorous Goat  is always promises a fulfillment of your most cherished dreams, unforgettable emotions, thrills and good mood! After all, a goat who comes to spend with you evening, will guard and protect you from all sorts of ailments and misfortunes, and accompany your luck.


Venue: clear area
4 to 15 minutes
Number of actors:
1 person
LED costumes:
life-sized puppet Glamur Goat.