- LED life-sized puppet

Place: clear area
Duration: 4 to 15 minutes
Number of animators: 2 people
LED life-sized puppet Dragon

Description: Over the past four years our Dragon became the favorite character of the audience. His fans nicknamed him - Kusaka (eng. Biter). Not because he is starves at home. Not at all. He just likes to play with people in a fun and he tries to casually bite someone's hand, foot, and, maybe, even little head. So this way he expresses his sympathy to the one whom he liked the most. Besides, he is a born vegetarian and eats exclusively vegetarian diet. The favorite activity of our Dragon is to dance. He just loves it! And if he only hears the rhythms of music, then there is nobody to stop him. He starts dancing, dragging everyone around into the cheerful dance.

Giving a ride on his soft back for the children is no trouble, because he considers it to be his duty.

If you have an event where you need to give a gift (gifts) - Dragon will do it well. Under the solemn music he would enter into the scene with a gift (gifts) that would be an unexpected surprise and certainly original.