- life-sized puppet

Venue: open clear area
Duration: from 4 to 15 minutes
Number of animators: 2 people
LED costumes: life-sized pupped Tiger

Description: Our Tiger Neposeda (eng. Gadabout) is always cheerful and keep him in one place is not possible. If there are any restless creatuers, none of them could be compared to this Tiger. This zinger will not just dance for you, but do it with great-great pleasure

. He will make you all dance till you drop, he will touch your soul, awaken the desire to move and enjoy the dance with him. He will entice you into the space where it will be only joy and happiness. After all, being so enthusiastic and cheerfully sharing his mood with everyone is his nature.


Yellow Tiger will show you all what it's like to be a gadabout!