- dance show

Venue: there are no restrictions
Length: 4:40 minutes
Number of actors: 3 people
Effects: electrical effects
Costumes: six-handed - Goddess Durga  (LED crown, collars, elements on the arms and legs, belts)

Description: Durga - one of the most revered Hindu goddesses. She is known as the wife of the God Shiva, whose dance marks the end of time and the destruction of the universe. Great yogis contemplating Shiva's dance , have a deep spiritual bliss. But Durga's dance admires even Shiva himself - Nataraj (king of dance). Different types of weapons that Durga holds in her six arms, designed to kill demons and ignorance that they spread in the world. Despite her fearsome appearance, she is very kind to the righteous and protects them. In India it is believed that all those who are fortunate to see the dance of Durga, their heart becomes purified from bad habits and inclinations.

Dance number is performed by professional dancers. It is absolutely stunning not only by the beautiful movements and unique lighting costumes, but because it makes a deep impression on the viewer with an extraordinary choreography and plasticity.