- dance show

Venue: there are no restrictions
9:35 minutes (shortened 5:00 minutes)
Number of actors:
4 people
LED Costumes
Costumes: Devil
and three Angels (LED hats, collars, elements of the arms and legs, boots, belt and Devil's mask, three pairs of wings of angels )

Interactive dance show on the eternal struggle between good and evil in the world and in the human soul. Gorgeous and plastic pantomime of actors and dancers reveal the plot setting better than any words. Passionate battles and dancing in the style of «Latinas» make the audience forget about time and space and immerse themselves in the fascinating play of actors. Philosophical line plot is clear to everyone and encourages sincerely to look into your heart, into the world of your own desires and perhaps even experience a catharsis. Dance show is accompanied by interactive communication with the audience, involving them in the very depths of mystical action.