- dance show

Place: there are no restrictions
Duration: 3:43 minutes
Number of actors: 2 people
Effects: LED costumes.
Costumes: two female costumes pink and blue (LED hats, collars, hands, boots, belts and lotuses)

Description: In China, lotuses are spoken of as a symbol of purity, the Christians call the lotus - a flower of light, and in India it is the very heart of Being. Energy penetrating the petals of these wonderful and mysterious colors, paint their buds in different colors. Lotus with pink petals - a symbol of awakening from sleep. Blue lotus - absorbs light entering into oblivion and sleep. The desires of our heart, like lotuses, also painted in different colors. Merging together , they create a beautiful dance of two completely different worlds - both day and night, forming a new amazing light that fills our hearts.