show production

Place: there are no restrictions
Duration: 6:20 minutes
Number of actors: 3 or 4 people
Effects: LED Costumes
Costumes: Deity NARASIMHADEV (man-lion), Prince Prahlad and demon (LED hats, collars, elements of the arms and legs, belt, masks of the Deity Narasimhadev and demon Hiranyakasipu)

Description: Show-drama is recommended for thrill-seekers and those who do not have enough adrenaline. Mega-expressive show dramatization of ancient Indian legend of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu on Earth in the form of Narasimhadev - man-lion. To protect the pious and punish the vicious, God Himself came to Earth and walked out of the fiery pillar in the palace of the demon Hiranikashipu. The battle started. The personification of evil was soon enough defeated as the God-lion ripped apart the demon.

Drama always has the same success and indescribable delight even to the most sophisticated viewers.