show production

Place: there are no restrictions
25:00 minutes (short version 7:30 minutes)
Number of actors :
8 people (short version at least 3 people)
Light (LED) Costumes
Monkey King Hanuman, Princess Sita, Pince Rama and Laxman, the demon Ravana, 3 - 5 demons (LED costumes)

Mini-drama that is based on the passage from the famous ancient Indian epic "Ramayana" and tells the story of love and loyalty, cruelty and treachery.
Once, insidious demon Ravana, King of Lanka, envying the Prince decides to kidnap his beautiful wife. Taking a form of a sage, he tricks everyone and takes away Sita to his kingdom. Rama is sending his faithful friend Hanuman to search for his beloved wife. After a year of searching the Monkey King returns and shows the way into the den of demons. In a fair fight Rama kills Ravana and frees his beloved Sita.
Magnificent acting, dynamic choreography, original light costumes - all this makes a spectacular performance of the show that takes the breath away.