- dance show

Place: there are no restrictions
9:30 minutes
Number of actors:
4 people
light ( LED ) costumes
Lord Shiva and his wife Sati, King Daksha and God of Fire Agni (LED hats, collars, elements on the arms and legs, belt and mask of the Goat )

Theatrical production about loyalty and love, which is stronger than death.
One day  God of Love Kamadeva (Cupid) pierced with his arrows the hearts of Shiva and Sati. But the girl's father, proud and arrogant Daksha, hated his son-in-law from the first days and  even worse - he publicly insulted Shiva. Tradition says that it is better to die than to hear an insult towards your husband. Sati can not stand her father's attitude towards her beloved and decides to leave this world, giving her body into the fire. After learning about the death of his beloved, Shiva punishes stupid Daksa. Name Daksha literally means - " one who has got the goat's head".
A story about love of Shiva and his wife Sati will not leave anyone indifferent. Eternal theme of love, honor and worthy of death, combined with the magical beauty of Indian dances performed in contemporary choreographic mix, that gives special emotional background and exquisite flavor.