- dance show

Place: there are no restrictions
Duration: 5 minutes
Number of actors: 2 people
Costumes: two girls-geishas (colorful national costumes, bright traditional geisha make-up)

Description: Geisha is a girl (woman) who entertains her customers (guests) with Japanese dancing, singing, conducting a tea ceremony, a conversation on any topic, is usually dressed in traditional kimono and wearing a special make-up and hairstyle. Job title consists of two syllables: "art" and "person", thus meaning " a person of art ."
There is a misconception that geisha is only a girl for the entertainment of nobility. This is not like that. Geisha should direct the conversation and contribute to support a fun pastime of her guests, often flirting with them, but while maintaining her dignity.
"Magical Lamps" is a story of life of geishas, presented in the choreography. This dynamic dance show with bright makeup and costumes, which will give you a lot of pleasant emotions.