- dance show


Place: there are no restrictions
Duration: 8 minutes , plus interactive activity with the audience
Number of actors: 3 people
Effects: LED costumes
Costumes: LED brown Bear and two girls in traditional Russian costumes (LED life-sized puppet Bear, LED kokoshniks (eng. russian traditional costume item), collars, coats, spring and summer dresses)

Description: Cheerful and comic drama 'Seasons of the Year' , absorbed the full flavor of traditional Russian folklore: an intriguing storyline, the unique characters, charming dances. The originality of this show - it's bright LED outfits, muraculously changing during the presentation according to the seasons - Winter , Spring and Summer  But the appearance of the main character of the plot - Brown Bear ( life-sized LED puppet character) creates a final authentic feeling of this Russian tale. Artfully animated by the actor, it has all the natural bearish habits: awkward gait, special manners and bright character. Professionalism of the actors, their skillful interaction with fabulous bear, cause undying interest in the audience throughout the performance. A humorous story will definitely cheer up. Colorful palette of light suits are mesmerizing. And all this together, coupled with excellent musical accompaniment, will leave unforgettable experience in your memory.